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Manawatu Days and Resupply Plan

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Wanganui - Palmerston North

Getting back on your feet after the river can be hard, but thankfully this section is well populated, and you wont need to carry too much food as you head out of town. This varied section will give you your first (and only) black sand beach, a town mad about Bulls, and plenty of iconic kiwi farm-scapes.

^Celebrating 1400km from the cape on Koitiata beach

Resupply in Wanganui for 4 Days

Wanganui is a great wee town, with loads of character. If you're about on the right day, the town market is a great place to get food and fresh veggies. You can grab anything for your resupply at Pak'n'Save or Countdown... conveniently located opposite each other if one doesn't have what your hiker hunger cravings require.

  • Wanganui - Koitiata 33km

  • Koitiata - Bulls Homestay 30km Wonderful trail angels Jo & Mike in Bulls! We were lucky enough to be provided dinner. In the town, there are a couple of cafes for breakfast and small supermarket.

  • Bulls - Fielding 23km

  • Fielding - Palmerston North 18-21km

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